a visit to {verdigreen}

One of the most unexpected and rewarding outcomes of opening a brick&mortar extension of {verdigreen} has been meeting people, laughing with strangers, and making new friends. I never know who will walk through my door and what our conversation will be. It’s exciting and soul-nourishing (and sometimes bewildering) but overall it’s kept me in a grateful place.

A few weeks ago a sweet neighbor wandered in with her visiting dad on their way to photograph some snowy scenes outside. I monopolized their time with my charming (ahem) conversation so her poor father had no choice but to take shop photos instead. He had a very cool macro lens and not only took some awesome shots but he also shared them with me in this video he created – which was a really touching gesture!

I try to greet everyone who enters the shop with a smiling face and open heart. It doesn’t always happen the way I intend, but I have felt very fortunate for the connections I’ve made the past 4 months of “shop keeping.” It has enriched our lives with a deeper sense of humanity and community and for that, I am eternally thankful. I love being able to show the kids (my shop elves who spend many hours “at work” with me) first-hand the importance of listening, being present during conversations, answering thoughtfully, and being helpful to others. I hope that I set a good example for them…and more importantly that the positive vibes from our interactions with new friends cancel out the moments we are alone and I am cursing like a sailor after dripping paint on my new boots or sob-laughing maniacally after stripping an irreplaceable vintage screw head.

PS: I shared this video on my facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Let’s be clear, he didn’t create the video for me…but rather he shared it with me & it was such a gift!

PPS: He also introduced me to Andy Goldsworthy’s art which I have found to be really inspiring.

PPSS: Video credits go to Steve and Rachel Medwin.



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